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Stream Raw Website Data to BigQuery in 60 seconds or less!
It's more real-time than real-time!
Your data stays private.
Watch this video and catch a glimpse of Pipestream!
Faster Than Real-time.
Pipestream is a powerful data pipeline tool that connects your website with BigQuery through Google Analytics to capture real-time hits in the shortest, fastest way possible.
As we often like to say, it's faster than real time data!
"It works exactly how it says. Setup was smooth. The team was extremely hands-on with the demo. Support was prompt, as usual."
- Leading BFSI CMO
"We implemented personalisations in a way we never could in the past. Pipestream's quicker than anything we've used in the past."
- Marketing Manager of a Leading Recruitment Company
Simple. Straightforward.
That's how it works!
It takes less than 60 seconds from Signing in to creating a pipeline.
Once you gain access, follow the steps and voila! You're all set to stream lossless hits to your Big Query.
Fast. Easy.
Low Maintenance.
Here's how Pipestream can be your disproportionate advantage.
Explore possibilities for your business.
We'll take you through some use-cases!
Built for Product & Marketing Teams of the future.
Check out some interesting use-cases relevant for your teams.
This decision could be the difference between you and your competitors.
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For first 100 Mn hits/month
$300 for additional 100 Mn hits/month
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  Reap the benefit of real-time unsampled data for your fast-growing startup! Elevate your marketing to the next level by deploying real-time data across your enterprise!
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